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New Youth Theatre Rocks!

My name is Saffron Simpson. New Youth Theatre is the best drama show in the world. You get to have fun all the time and such a laugh. Rachel and Jason are amazing coz of what they do. I have done at least 10 shows in the time that I have been there. They pick wicked shows 2 do and that what makes it fun.

Saffron Simpson

'My son absolutely loves it!'

Over a year ago my 7 year old son was keen to join a theatre group. My son absolutely loves it and has thrived under the training of Rachel and Jason. Each term they produce an extremely professional show in which all the children gain the experience of performing on stage to a large audience. My son loves it so much that he can't wait to move into the older group where he will have more rehearsing and training time!!!

Helen Bates

'I have grown in confidence, not only on the stage, but in every aspect of my life'

Hey! Since joining NYT last year, I have grown in confidence, not only on the stage, but in every aspect of my life. I have also found some amazing friends throughout New Youth Theatre. It is definitely the highlight of my weekend!

Lots of love. Sophie Howell xx

'All shows, without exception have been outstanding, truly professional'

My daughter is a member of The New Youth Theatre; this is her third year with the company. The training she has received has been consistently excellent and of an extremely high standard. In my view the performers must have both the training and the show experiences if they are to progress and develop and with this company they are guaranteed both under the expertise of Rachel and Jason. All shows, without exception have been outstanding, truly professional and .a discipline that is regarded essential in the performing arts field. Many thanks.

Signed - a very satisfied parent and highly motivated group member. The Parkers.

'Theatre is rewriting the script on youth'

I was privileged to attend with my wife the recent performance of The Wizard of Oz at Lincoln's Drill Hall. We had gone originally to see my granddaughter Bronwyn appearing in the musical but to say that we were overwhelmed would truly to be understatement. The whole production, from beginning to end, was well done, the costumes, the choreography, the singing absolutely excellent. The four main characters, Dorothy, the Scarecrow, Tin Man and the wonderful Cowardly Lion were superb. In fact the whole cast, without exception, were wonderful. To see the Tiny Tots taking part and obviously enjoying themselves made the whole evening magical. Full marks also to the producer and all the helpers who devoted their time to this project. They are indeed doing a wonderful job with these young people, especially when one constantly reads about the problems some of our youth seem to experience. Long may this theatre work continue: Lincoln should be proud to have such a talented group putting on these shows. The amount of work involved must be tremendous but the outcome, based on what we saw, is well worth the effort. Well done everyone, it was an evening we will never forget.

Dennis Hall - Lincolnshire Echo. Friday, April 10, 2009