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'It’s profitable, it’s challenging and extremely enjoyable too'

When we began searching for a business concept to open we knew that we wanted something that we could stand behind and be proud to offer to our community. Owning the New Youth Theatre franchise has allowed us to build a business around our combined passion, musical theatre. If you follow the New Youth Theatre Model and pro-actively market your business then success will be yours. It’s profitable, it’s challenging and extremely enjoyable too. We can honestly say that we have never regretted leaving behind our previous careers.

Neil & Vicky Butler, New Youth Theatre Mansfield & Nottingham Franchisees

'Being a part of a show is the greatest thrill!'

I love all aspects of the performing arts but ultimately being a part of a show is the greatest thrill. Being a member of NYT means that I have the opportunity to fulfil my passion to perform because at the end of every term we stage a new show. The shows are directed and choreographed to a high standard and all cast members are constantly learning about musical theatre techniques both on and off stage. NYT has benefited me in numerous ways and through it I have also made many new friends.

Lucy Barker 14yrs - NYT Newark

'Congratulate yourselves on your achievement & the positive effect & life enhancing experiences that you provide for so many'

Dear Jason & Rachel On behalf of my wife Judith & myself & all our friends who came to see Annie, I would like to congratulate you both on putting on such a wonderful show. Your dedication, enthusiasm & attention to detail I what is a hugely daunting task is testimony to your talent, love of your job & professionalism. Last week was a truly memorable one for all us & if you get a moment in your hectic lives, stop & congratulate yourselves on your achievement & the positive effect & life enhancing experiences that you provide for so many. I am sorry if this sounds over - emotional but that′ how we feel. Last week was great!! Annie was great! & we can't thank you enough.

Yours sincerely - Steve & Judith Gleave

'All shows, without exception have been outstanding, truly professional'

My daughter is a member of The New Youth Theatre; this is her third year with the company. The training she has received has been consistently excellent of an extremely high standard. In my view the performers must have both the training and the show experiences if they are to progress and develop and with this company they are guaranteed both under the expertise of Rachel and Jason. The Directors engender very good dynamics amongst the cast members and are encouraging and supportive at every level. I have seen confidence grow in the children who attend the group, all are polite, well behaved, highly motivated and clearly enjoy the performances, which the company work hard at producing a different show three times each year . There is a good variety of shows which caters for all interests, ages and talent, every child is guaranteed a role to play, auditions are fair, communication with parents is very good and the company gives very good value for money. All shows, without exception have been outstanding, truly professional and a discipline that is regarded essential in the performing arts field. Everyone works as a team , every musical performed has been truly amazing, the skill involved in putting together a complex show with so many children to coordinate takes an enormous amount of work and dedication, The New Youth Theatre achieve this every time and continue to impress the audiences time and time again and long may this continue. The venue for the shows at the Drill Hall Lincoln is warm; welcoming suitable and very fit for purpose the ticket pricing is suitably affordable. The competency of the stage crew and group photographer is also recognised positively. All in all everything is on a very professional scale. Many thanks

Signed - a very satisfied parent and highly motivated group member. The Parkers.

'I have found some amazing friends'

Hey! Since joining NYT last year, I have grown in confidence, not only on the stage, but in every aspect of my life. I have also found some amazing friends throughout New Youth Theatre. It is definitely the highlight of my weekend! Lots of love.

Sophie Howell xxo

'My son absolutely loves it!'

Over a year ago my 7 year old son was keen to join a theatre group. From the age of 3 he always said he wanted to sing and dance on stage. We looked into several theatre schools, but after watching the fantastic Lincoln production of 'Guys and Dolls', we made the decision to join New Youth Theatre. My son absolutely loves it and has thrived under the training of Rachel and Jason. Each term they produce an extremely professional show in which all the children gain the experience of performing on stage to a large audience. My son loves it so much that he can't wait to move into the older group where he will have more rehearsing and training time!!! My daughter has also recently joined the 'Tiny Tots' group and she is currently rehearsing for 'Cinderella'. My daughter has gained in confidence each week due to the excellent training they receive. If any parent is looking for a theatre group in the Lincoln area I can thoroughly recommend the New Youth theatre.

Helen Bates, Welton, Lincs