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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Below are the common questions we get asked about New Youth Theatre. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

How are you different to other acting and dancing classes?

We provide 3 fully staged performances per year. We are the only youth theatre franchise company that does this in the UK. Other schools provide classes in drama skills but without a performance at the end of each term. Alternatively, only the best children get the opportunity to perform onstage. All the classes are involved in a performance from the 3 year olds to the 16 year olds. We have adopted this inclusive approach as we feel that all children should be given a chance to perform and show what they can do. It gives the children a goal to focus on and with 3 shows per year, there is plenty of variety!

What will my child learn in your classes?

In all our classes, children from 3 -16 will learn singing, dancing and acting skills.  Each weekly class is a rehearsal.  This gives all the children the opportunity to take part in the end of term performances that parents and members of the public enjoy to watch.

Does my child need to audition to be in the shows?

No, every child that becomes a member of NYT becomes part of the cast.

How do I find the class details and costs?

Search for your local class on our website and there will be information about the venues and times for classes. Fees are payable before the classes start each term.

How long is each term?

The terms run as follows and are similar to the school terms.
Term 1 - September - December
Term 2 - January - April
Term 3 - April - July
These can vary slightly due to performance venue availability & holiday dates i.e. Easter. Please check your local centre for specific term and performance dates.

How can I book my child into a class?

All the information you will require can be found on the website of your local centre. Select your nearest centre from our website or search for 'New Youth Theatre' online. We have an automated online booking system which can be accessed from your local centre's website. Once your booking has been submitted, a confirmation will be sent from our system via email. Please note: places cannot be reserved until an online booking has been submitted and payment made. Some classes may be oversubscribed for certain terms and so we may ask that you submit a 'waiting list' booking to register your interest for the next term - and we will contact you to discuss once actual class numbers are known. Students attending the current term will have first refusal on places for the following term - subject to an online booking and deposit payment.

How can I be sure my child will be safe?

All our staff are professionally trained and have an enhanced CRB check. All the venues that we use are safety checked.

Does my child have to wear a uniform?

Yes. We ask that all children wear a New Youth Theatre tee-shirt or vest top and jazz shoes. You can order the clothing and shoes when you submit your online booking. The order will be ready for collection at the first class. Girls long hair should be tied back & no jeans or jewellery are allowed. There is a range of clothing including track suits that are available to buy. Please contact your local centre for more details.

Can I stay and watch my child in classes or rehearsals?

Parents are asked to drop off their child to the class and pick up at the end. Parents and relatives are not allowed in the classes whilst teaching is taking place. The same rule applies to dress rehearsals at the theatre.

Can I buy tickets for performances?

Yes, tickets are generally sold by the performance venue and everyone is welcome to come along and watch the performance. Please book early to ensure that you get the seats you require

Can I have a trial before joining?

Please contact your local centre to discuss trials. The availability may depend on whether the particular class is fully subscribed for the current term.

Can I take video or photographs of my child's rehearsal or performance?

No, copyright rules do not allow for video or photographs to be taken of the rehearsals or shows. Performance venues have the right to confiscate equipment if parents, relatives and members of the public attempt to use it. However, photographs are taken by an experienced photographer and are available for parents to view online and purchase. Please contact your local centre for more details.

Do I need to be a member of New Youth Theatre to attend a holiday course?

No, all courses are open to all young people of the relevant age (some courses have specific age limits). Courses out of term time are very popular and usually fully subscribed within a short time - so early booking is essential!

If you have any other questions, please call or email your local centre or Head Office.