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Audience comments regarding A Ghost Tale For Mr Dickens - November 2018

Fantastic show. Thank you everyone. Millie has built up her confidence so much. She can’t wait until the next show.

Sarah B

Thanks so much for helping let Lauren be a part of today's show. She once again had a great time doing it and we once again loved watching.

Robert P


Samantha L

They were all amazing, they look after each other so well

Fran A

Fabulous show! Great team effort! A very big well done to all the team.

Stevie C

It was brilliant.

Charlotte A

Another great performance! Well done to everyone involved.

Kate S

They were all great! Thank you, Jan, Mick, Kat, Nat and everyone else involved.

Sarah C

Well done all! Great team performance and effort. Thank you.

John W

Thank you once again for the help and support you give Daniel and he made the role of Charles Dickens very convincing! Loved the whole weekend with our Drama family.

Claire S

Loved every minute of it...both backstage and front of house. Another great production.

Oonagh K

It was a good show and we thoroughly enjoyed it. The performers were good especially Daniel.

Sharon McC K

Audience comments regarding Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat - November 2017

Well done everyone - an amazing show.

Oonagh Atkinson

Absolutely amazing first night show. You kids are awesome. You blew the audience away. Well done to all of you.

Dean Gill

Amazing show.

Kate Stokoe

What an incredible first night! Every one of the cast gave their absolute best...roll on tomorrow night!

Christine Gill

Amazing show well done everyone.

Michelle Townend

Caithlin and I went last night and we were in awe of how amazing the whole production was. The singing, speaking, costumes and staging were all first class. As a junior Caithlin was inspired by the seniors to keep going forward with her passion for musical theatre. Everyone was amazing but oh my, I bet Lewis's parents were beaming with pride...he was an incredible Joseph. Not only that he is so giving of his talent as he helped my Caithlin with her junior role as Fagan. Bravo to one and all. It was beyond stunning.

Oonagh Kelleher

Once again the new youth theatre team blew us away, amazing show, performed by an amazing cast, who were coached by an amazing set of people, Well done to each and every one.

Karen Zincke

Elizabeth has come home tonight so overjoyed and my mum and dad are so proud of her, they said they were all brilliant. Can’t wait to see it tomorrow.

Lindsey Arthur

It was an amazing show. Really enjoyed it. Well done to everyone.

Chrissie Blake

Well done, great show!

Ewa Kubies

Thoroughly enjoyed your show tonight who could believe there would be so much talent in Doncaster Well done to you all.

Carole Ann Coucom

Just Wow! So impressed with tonight’s show. It’s a pleasure to see so many of the kids growing and improving with every show. Its also wonderful to see how much enjoyment they get from performing. Lots of happy kids! Well done!!!

Alison Hodgkiss

Never watched Joseph before and I'm so glad I waited to watch you all perform it tonight! It was absolutely fabulous! Everyone put their heart and soul into the performance which was great fun.

Pam Banister

Audience comments regarding Oliver! - November 2017

A fantastic job by all. Well done!

Emma McGarry

What a show! It's amazing how you got them to that level of performance in the time you've had. They are a brilliant group of kids who clearly love every second of it. Bravo Juniors!

Claire Wimble

Best show yet: well done everyone.

Emily Slack

Really enjoyed the show.

Krissy Horton

Fantastic show! Loved seeing all the kids, roll on next term.

Claire Scherer

Absolutely wonderful! Thought everyone did a fantastic job and the accent really came through beautifully! Well done all!

Sarah Powell

Great show and with so little time to prepare!

Eileen Powell

Great show, loved it - as always.

Vanessa Wilson

'My two had a blast ...'

Just to say a massive Congratulations for Bugsy Malone. My two had a blast and gained so much from the experience. They loved every minute of it and so did we.

Seanead O’Neill

'We had tears and laughter throughout ...'

Well done you fantastic bunch for putting on a brilliant show tonight!! We had tears and laughter throughout and the kids’ faces told a picture of happiness!!... Daniel enjoyed it so much!

Claire Scherer

'Can't wait for the next show'

Thanks so much for giving me the part of Bugsy. It was honestly a big pleasure and opportunity, can't wait for the next show.

Louis Smith

'What a fantastic show!'

What a fantastic show! I am in awe every show I watch that you can achieve so much in such a short time frame. Lottie loves performing and I love to witness her growing in confidence and ability. Thank you so much Jan and team for your dedication and all your hard work.

Emily Slack

'Fantastic show tonight ...'

Fantastic show tonight well done to all the kids and staff. Brilliant all worked so hard.

Joanne Bushby

'So very proud of all the children'

Thank you Jan and always Bravo Bravo. very proud of all the children.

Oonagh Kelleher

'What an amazing, stunning, totally captivating show'

We just wanted to say what an amazing, stunning, totally captivating show. We were completely absorbed from the very first minute to the very last-we laughed & cried and loved every second of it. Incredible acting, beautiful singing, fabulous costumes and a perfect venue-we felt totally drawn in by the wonderful characters and very much felt part of it. We couldn't help but leap to our feet to give a standing ovation at the end! What a perfect start to Christmas-THANK YOU! We're still blown away by it.

Cate, Adie & Maddi Fearn

'We were blown away by the talented performances'

Thank you for a fantastic CHRISTMAS CAROL performance. Will enjoyed it and we were blown away by the talented performances of the cast. Well done and see you next year.

Shaun & Carol Cowan

'You are great at what you do'

It was a fab show... I say it every show but how you get them all doing what they are meant to be doing and in such short time astounds me. You are great at what you do.

Marie Walker.

'A real feel good show'

Both Elliot & Rosie were in awe of the whole production, actors and venue. We thoroughly enjoyed it and some real stars- Brendan was amazing some excellent singers, and a real feel good show- almost made me feel Christmassy! We all loved the studio and were glad we were sitting above as we had such a great view of all the dancing. Wonderful!!!!

Sarah Sutton

'It was an absolutely amazing production to watch'

Hi Jan just wanted to drop you and Mick a note to say Congratulations and Thank you for the wonderful production of a Christmas Carol. Abigail and Emily absolutely loved every second of it and it was an absolute amazing production to watch.

Sarah Thompson

'Very entertaining and colourful'

Congratulations on such a wonderful show – we really enjoyed it a lot. Very entertaining and colourful. Smiled all through it on both nights. Wonderful! Connors’ Great, Great Grandfather was the Head Gardener for Charles Dickens and Connor’s Great Grandfather was born in the Gardener’s Cottage on Charles Dickens’ Estate at Gads Hill Place in Kent so it was lovely that Connor was in a show that was relative to all of this! All the family came up from Kent and were so impressed with it all. So, well done to you all!

Amanda Whitehead

'We had a lot of fun writing this one'

I am so pleased your ‘Christmas Carol’ production went down well in Doncaster – we had a lot of fun writing this one.

Piers Chater Robinson

'What a wonderful production!'

What a wonderful production! We thoroughly enjoyed it and I thought the children did extremely well, performing in the round. Congratulations to you all. A big well done.

Cheryl Fowles

'Your students were so confident and professional'

It was FANTASTIC. So fantastic! Mum and I sobbed and laughed and cheered all the way through - what a wonderful time we had. It marked the beginning of Christmas for us. It worked so well in the round and your students were so confident and professional. They were just brilliant. A few McAuley School members of the cast must have seen Mrs O'Neill sobbing and laughing and cheering on the front row! I was a bit hyper! You must feel really proud, Jan. They were all so wonderful for you.

Seanead O’Neill

'I was particularly impressed with the singing'

We really enjoyed the show and felt that the venue really suited that production. You and the kids did well to adapt to the theatre in the round, but it made for a really intimate performance and the view was great. I was particularly impressed with the singing and I was really drawn in to the duet with Brendan and the younger Scrooge. Wonderful!

Kirsty & David Allison

'Aristocats was great'

'Aristocats' was great – really enjoyed it.

Sarah Mankel

'Lucy has had an absolute ball!!!'

Congratulations on your production of 'Aristocats'. We really enjoyed the show and know for a fact that Lucy has had an absolute ball!!! She can’t wait to start rehearsals for Aladdin.

Jo & Warren Roberts

'We all enjoyed Aristocats last week'

Just wanted to say how much we all enjoyed 'Aristocats' last week and how hard they all tried - they were again a credit to you and the hard work you all put in with them.

Sarah Sutton

'What a fantastic show it was!'

What a fantastic show it was! The children are still doing the routines at home! We have secured the children's places for next term as they LOVE you and the theatre group.

Seanead O’Neill

'Great show tonight!'

Great show tonight! Well done NYT Team. Sam was thrilled (and very happy to play the baddie!!)

Bev O'Sullivan

'The atmosphere was electric'

Congratulations on a fabulous production of Hairspray! Every member of the cast and chorus were perfect in their parts - they just oooozed how much they were enjoying it. The atmosphere was electric - we were dancing and singing in our seats! Enjoyed it even better than the West End production. Can't wait for West Side Story! Credit to Jan and Mick - you are one amazing couple to be able to organise all this to such a high standard.

Bev Worrall

'It was brilliant'

Just got back from show - it was brilliant. We thought one of the best we've seen, although we say that after every one. Looks like you have many talented children on your hands and they obviously respond well to your direction and Karen's choreography. Well done, you deserve much praise for bringing the best out of them all and presenting a show of which anyone should be proud. Matthew has just gone to bed, completely and utterly shattered, but happy.

Lisa Moorey

'She won the X Factor at school'

Since Mica has started she has done well. She won the X Factor at school and sang in front of four hundred people.

Mrs K Gutteridge

'The NYT staff are great'

My daughter has been going to New Youth Theatre since September 2007 and really enjoys it every week. She has met new friends and the NYT staff are great. Thank you NYT.

Mrs J. Bellamy

'Thank you to you all for the super, fantastic, hard work ...'

I would like to say a huge thank you to you all for the super, fantastic, hard work which you have put into the performance. What can I say? This was a pleasure to watch from the start to the end. All who took part gave 100%. The children gave their all and this showed when they were on stage. My son, Harrison, has not stopped singing the songs. I would like to thank Jan and Mick, for without them this performance would not have been possible, and the other people back stage. The costumes were fantastic and the children really brought the characters to life. I can't wait for the next performance, I would like to say if you didn't come along to the show DON'T miss the next one. Thank you once again. This has been a production that I will remember and treasure for many years to come.

Mrs S Fletcher